PRO4A RTF Corona Virus Shield assess situation on the Enhanced Community Quarantine

PR No. 19-2020 March 18, 2020 (Wednesday)
Camp BGen Vicente P Lim – PRO4A Regional Task Force Corona Virus Shield led by the Deputy Regional Director for Operations PCOL Rudolph B Dimas assessed the situation of the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Control Checkpoints within the boundaries of CALABARZON Region and Metro Manila on the implementation of Community and Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Issues and concerns as well as problems encountered were presented during the 2-day Enhanced Community Quarantine in entire Luzon and the earlier 2-day Community Quarantine, which was first implemented in the National Capital Region on the dawn of Sunday, March 15, 2020.
Summing-up the issues raised were the flock of stranded passengers and motorists in the entry and exit points bound to and from CALABARZON region as well as the citizens’ complaint of heavy traffic during the first day of implementation.
On the part of the PNP and other agency who are operating the control points were the absence and shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the lack of coordination with other member-agencies into who will be authorized to passed-by the control checkpoints.
“Taking into considerations these encountered problems, we must utilize our resources to conduct massive public information drive through the use of Tri-Media, and the various social networking sites,” said PCOL Dimas.
PRO4A’s Logistic Division ensured that the office would procure additional necessary Protective Equipment to be distributed to the troops on the ground.
Meanwhile, the Regional Inter-Agency Task Force Coordinating Center was already established at the camp to monitor and coordinate the movements as well as the proper dissemination of information among the members of the Task Force.
The Chief, Regional Operations and Management Division, PCOL Luis Maria T Pascual also presented the list of individuals who will be authorized to go outside their residence to include persons who will deliver basic services, daily essentials, essential goods, utilities, and other authorized persons.
PRO4A Regional Director PBGEN Vicente D Danao, Jr reiterated his call on cooperation from the public while the police force implements their duties to ensure the safety of the public amid COVID-19 crisis. "Inuulit ko po sa ating mga kababayan na makipagtulungan at huwag nang magmatigas sa ating mga otoridad. Ito naman po ay para sa kapakanan ng lahat," he said.
To date, there were already 137 established controlled points in the entry and exit points within CALABARZON including those in border checkpoints manned by 940 PNP personnel, 86 from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, 8 from Philippine Coast Guard, and 85 from Bureau of Fire Protection.
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