45 NPA members surrender to PRO4A

Camp BGen Vicente P Lim– A total of forty-five (45) CPP-NPA Terrorist members (19 female and 26 male) of the Milisyang Bayan (MB), Kontak, Baseng Masa and Organisadong Masa under Komiting Larangan Girilya (KLG) Cesar, Sub- Region Military Area (SRMA - 4A ) surrender to the Police Regional Office CALABARZON.

On March 29, Friday, thirty-three (33) CNTs under KLG Cesar, SRMA-4A all operating in the provinces of Laguna, Rizal and Quezon surrendered to the elements of PRO-4A Regional Intelligence Division (RID), together with 202nd Brigade; 80 Infantry Battalion; Regional Mobile Force Battalion 4A; joint personnel of Provincial Intelligence Branch from Rizal, Laguna and Quezon; thru the implementation of 80 Infantry Battalion COPLAN “Way Kurat” 2019, 1IB COPLAN “Terminator 2” 2019 and COPLAN “Katutubo” 2018 of RID, PRO4A.

Another three (3) personalities from General Nakar, Quezon were accompanied by the element of RID 4A under the supervision of PLTCOL SERAFIN F PETALIO II on March 30, 2019, Saturday. Further, on the same day at 9:00 PM, additional seven (7) personalities surrendered to the authorities.

Moreover, on March 31, yesterday, an additional of two (2) personalities also surrendered.

The CNTs were Tribal Chieftain and members of SAMAHANG DUMAGAT an ethnic group based in Mountainous Range of Laguna/Rizal/Quezon. However, this group was infiltrated by the CNTs and has been utilized as an advance post in the mountains (pasa-bilis).

Their peaceful surrender were made possible thru several contact meetings and dialogue in cooperation of their Chieftain “PUNONG TRIBO” of their respective areas in support of the Government Program on winning condition towards a long and lasting peace in their area

All the surrendered personalities together with their surrendered documents, assorted firearms, ammunition and explosives are now under the custody of Regional Special Operations Unit 4A for documentation, safekeeping and custodial debriefing.

Surrendered war materials are as follows:

Seven (7) Rifle

• One (1) M16 Baby armalite
• One (1) US Rifle M1 Garand cal.30 with SN 286011;
• One (1) carbine M1 with SN 7160050
• One (1) Cal.30 Carbine M2 with SN 24547615;
• One (1) carbine M2 30mm with SN 405138
• One (1) Springfield cal.30 (bolt action)
• One (1) M16 rifle

Seven (7) Shotgun

• Three (3) improvised/homemade 12 gauge shotgun
• One (1) Armscor 12 gauge shotgun; 
• One (1) Squires Bingham 12 gauge shotgun
• One (1) Winchester 12 gauge shotgun
• One (1) Steven 12 gauge shotgun

Eleven (11) Handgun

• One (1) cal. 38
• One (1) cal. 45 STI with SN 136419;
• One (1) Colt cal.45 pistol
• One (1) Cobray 9mm machine pistol
• Two (2) Armscor cal.38
• One (1) cal. 38 revolver (No markings)
• Two (2) Smith and Wesson cal. 38
• One (1) Smith and Wesson .357 magnum
• One (1) Armscor 202 cal .38 super with SN 1454327

Magazines and Ammunition

• One (1) magazine for cal.45 STI
• One (1) magazine for superl cal .38
• 190 rounds 12 gauge ammo
• 12 clips garand rifle
• 68 rounds cal .30 garand ammo
• Six (6) rounds cal .357 ammo
• 104 rounds 9mm ammo
• 101 rounds cal .38 ammo
• One (1) long magazine for carbine;
• One (1) short magazine for carbine; 
• 13 rounds cal .30 carbine
• Two (2) fragmented hand grenade;
• 10 kls Ammoniun Nitrate
• 42 pcs blasting cap
• 15 meters detonating cord
• 55 rounds M16 ammo
• 3 pcs short magazine for M16 
• Four (4) pcs empty blasting cap
Result of initial custodial debriefing revealed that most of the surrenderees were utilized to monitor the presence and activities of the government forces in their respective locality. Moreover, they were also utilized as escort, guide, runner and their residences were utilized as safe houses of the CNTs in case of emergencies. Most of them are part-time guerilla fighters and part-time farmers. They play the dual role of military protector and political enforcer in their respective barangays.

“Ka Cyrus”, one of the surrendered rebels revealed that in 2009 they assaulted Panukulan MPS in Quezon province. They were also involved in an ambushed of SAF troopers in Antipolo City leaving four (4) casualties and five (5) captured including two (2) wounded personnel. Ka Cyrus is a former NPA Platoon Leader. He also stated that in 2006, he had an intimate relationship with a certain Ka Sophia from U.P Diliman. Ka Sophia gave birth in 2008 but never came back after giving birth.

Regional Director, PBGEN EDWARD E CARRANZA lauded the efforts of the troops for their significant roles in the surrender of the rebels.

“This huge number of surrendered personalities is another proof of our intensified effort in internal security operation for the realization of peaceful and secure Southern Tagalog. I urge other rebels to surrender peacefully. We want to help them to rebuild their lives of peace and prosperity with their families and take this opportunity to avail of the government’s amnesty program”, RD Carranza said.

The PRO4A will coordinate with the Department of Interior and Local Government and Department of Social Welfare and Development for the surrendered rebels to undergo process in order to be able to avail of the assistance under the Enhance Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).